Welcome to Ellenburg.org! This is the home page for The Ellenburg Family and is a central resource for any Ellenburg (no matter which clan or State you live in!) to share family information (births, deaths, announcements, etc.) or anything else of interest.

To protect our privacy, membership and viewing of this website is restricted to any Ellenburg including the children, spouses, and partners of Ellenburgs. If you would like to request access, please read the FAQ below, especially if your surname does not end in Ellenburg!

Questions, comments, and feedback may be directed to this sites’ operator, george@ellenburg.net.

Question: What is this website?
Answer: Ellenburg.org is a private website/ portal for any member of the Ellenburg family, no matter where in the World or who they’re parents might be. If you’re an Ellenburg, you’re welcome!

Question: Why is it locked-down/ restricted to only Ellenburgs?
Answer: Because we quickly realized that family’s sharing personal and familial announcements and information among themselves could lead to some pretty significant privacy issues if the content were made public. This is a private space. There’s always Facebook and Twitter for anyone who wants to share news with the World.

Question: How do I register?
Answer: You can’t. There is no registration like you may be used to on other websites. In order to register, you’ll need to contact George via Email and once you’ve been vetted, you will receive an Email with a username and password to login.

Question: How do you know everyone on here is really an Ellenburg?
Answer: First, if your last name is Ellenburg, you’ll be asked to email a clear picture of you holding up your Drivers’ License, Passport, or Military ID next to your face. But please black out any sensitive information! We just need to see the name.

Second, if your lastname is no longer Ellenburg due to marriage or legal name change, you’ll be asked to provide a photo of your marriage license or deed poll indicating your old Ellenburg surname and new surname matching your photo ID.

Question: I married into the Ellenburg family, can I join?
Answer: Absolutely!

Question: So who are you and why are you doing this?
Answer: I am George Ellenburg (Orlando, FL). Son of Morris Ellenburg (Carnesville, GA) and Judith VanDeven (Milwaukee, WI). I’m doing this because I thought it would be cool for us Ellenburgs to have a safe space to share news and announcements about our family. I’m also a bit of a privacy advocate. Facebook exists to monetize the information you share on it. Twitter exists to monetize the information you share on it. Same for Instagram, LinkedIn, and every other “social” networking platform.